WHY DO SOME government conservation, environmental and land-management agencies do a poor job of protecting and managing our public natural resources? How can this situation be improved? Those are key questions that motivated Minnesota conservationist Dick Kroger to write his new book. In it, he encourages all natural-resource agency employees to view their lives’ work as vocations rather than just personal careers. He also explains how dedicated conservationists in and outside of government can be effective in protecting natural resources from unnecessary degradation caused by what he calls “bureaucratic agency careerists, who place their own self-interests above their agencies’ goals.”

The author takes the reader through more than four decades of his life, years in which he worked as a conservationist not only in federal and state agencies and numerous nonprofits but also as a private citizen. Kroger uses his personal observations, successes and failures to demonstrate how current and future conservationists can effectively survive within government agencies while providing maximum protection for our natural resources. He also offers insight into various employment options and explains what specific changes are necessary to make conservation and land management agencies more effective in carrying out their missions.

All profits from the book are being donated to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) and other conservation groups. For more information about the book and the author, visit the publisher’s website: www.trafford.com.